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Annual Giving Campaign

Annual giving is a yearly fundraising event that offers an opportunity to help grow the school and broaden awareness of its programs among the greater community. The financial reality is that tuition typically covers only about 90% of the cost of providing this wonderful education. The annual giving campaign is one of the means to help bridge this gap, providing essential contributions toward the day to day operations of the school which are tax deductible for the donor.  These funds not only help us pay for important things such as specialty classes, faculty development, tuition assistance for families in need, and the beautiful equipment that graces our classrooms, but in 2013/14, funds raised in annual giving will help us rebuild our cash reserves after the move to our new campus and fill the gap in our current operating budget.

Ways to Contribute
There are many different methods available for making a tax-deductible donation during the campaign (Nov. 11, 2013 through Jan. 31, 2014).  One time payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card, and an option of recurring payments for current Sanderling parents, staff and faculty is available. You may donate and pay online at the Donate link below, or print and return this form.  

Donations of marketable securities are also accepted.  Many employers also offer employer matches for your donation, so be sure to check with them to help stretch your much valued gift even further.

Annual Giving Campaign Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Annual Giving campaign?
The Annual Giving campaign is a direct appeal to trustees, parents, grandparents, alumni parents, faculty, staff and friends for financial contributions in support of the school’s operating budget.

Why is Annual Giving necessary?
Tuition and other fees cover about 90% of the annual operating expenses of the school, and the purpose of the Annual Fund is to help bridge this gap. Income from SCRIP and other Parent Association-sponsored fundraising events also go toward annual operating expenses. This year, our fundraising goal is to raise $85,300 to fill a gap in our current operating budget.

How much should I give?
This year, our goal for Annual Giving is $50,000. To make this a reality, each family at Sanderling is asked to consider a donation of $500 or more. However, we appreciate that not everyone may be in a position to give this full amount, and some others may be able to contribute more and make up the difference. To that end, we ask that you consider the funds required to achieve our goal and give to the best of your ability.

Why do we ask for full community participation?
The school’s financial strength is dependent upon the participation of all members. As in year’s past, full participation is key to demonstrating our community’s commitment to the school. This is especially important for outreach purposes as well as showing to potential foundation and endowment donors that we have consistent support from those we serve.

Why not raise tuition?
We want to keep the cost of providing our wonderful education accessible and competitive with other local independent schools. Annual Giving is a common way that most independent school’s raise those extra funds and keep tuition costs reasonable for their parent community.  Tuition is a non-tax-deductible contracted contribution to the school, while gifts to Annual Giving are fully tax-deductible.

How else do we raise funds at Sanderling?
In addition to asking everyone in the school to participate in Annual Giving, we have several events and ongoing initiatives each year focused on fundraising, such as this year’s Craft Fair, our Spring Fundraiser (to be announced), restaurant night fundraisers (most recently at Souplantation)  and the scrip program. Each of these helps to raise funds for the operating budget.

Do corporations and foundations support our Annual Giving campaign?
Corporations typically contribute to independent schools by offering matching gifts to their employees’ contributions. Several families in our school are able to double their personal contributions through their employer’s matching gift programs – you may want to check with your employer to see if such a program is in place where you work.

Read what some of our community has to say about the School and the programs that you will be helping to support.

“Waldorf Education has been such an unexpected gift in our lives.  Not only is the Waldorf approach a beautiful and incredibly thoughtful educational system, but the intimate extended-family feel of our sweet, growing school provides such a warm and caring community for the whole family. The children are happy and excited to learn at Sanderling, because the faculty nurtures the cognitive, emotional, and artistic capabilities of the children and does so in a joyful and fun manner.”
~ Marjorie M., SWS Parent of 3

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